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Meet Ricardo

Ricardo R. Madrid is currently working as a Texas certified Community Health Worker in the
San Antonio, Texas area Metroplex.
Ricardo Madrid was born and raised with his frequently absent single mother and without his
father on the border of West Texas and Mexico. He was mostly brought up in public housing
and from an early age, learned he had to fend for himself.
Growing up in and around the 23 rd District as a Bi-lingual and Bi-cultural Latino, he is a first
generation High School Graduate that went on to serve his country after graduation in the
United States Army.

He often worked two jobs to save money for college and travel abroad, to witness firsthand
opportunities and solutions to common global problems.

He continued working mostly full time and overtime in multiple jobs over the years as he
earned his Associate’s Degree from Chabot College in Hayward, California and his Bachelor’s
Degree from The University of California, Berkeley.

Early on in Ricardo Madrid’s life he became an avid aficionado of knowledge, news and
current events as he witnessed and experienced the nation losing ground on human and civil
rights, losing ground on social and economic rights and opportunities, losing ground on
environmental actions, social justice and world peace.

Nowadays, things are much worse.
It is appalling and a grave injustice of humanity, that in the richest country in the world we
have such a high rates of poverty, the highest rates of people without health insurance, a high
percentage of people go hungry, a high percentage of people are in jail, many of them innocent, and/or many are or near homelessness.

Enough is Enough! This is unacceptable.
We can do much better than that.
This is why Ricardo Madrid is running for Congress. He has the courage, vision and
leadership ability to take us to a better tomorrow.

Below is Ricardo's 

District 23 Issues Action Plan


1. Strengthen, defend and expand Safety Net Programs (Comprehensive Universal Health Care Coverage, Safety Net Amendment, etc.)


2. Establish and Defend Social Health Bundle (National Paid Leave, Sick Leave, etc.)


3. Free Universal Public Higher Education and Trade Schools


4. $15 Minimum Wage


5. Student Loan Debt Forgiveness


6. Climate Emergency


7. Equity and Equality For All People


8. Marijuana Legalization


9. Money Out of Politics


10. Fight and Tax Rich


11. End Welfare To The Wealthy


12. Voter Rights and Democracy


13. Keep Water and Other Natural Resources Public


14. Establish and Defend All Worker and Labor Rights and Protections


15. Criminal Justice Overhaul (Freedom and Evidence Suppression Act, etc.)


16. Police Reform Overhaul


17. Fight For Racial & Economic Justice


18. End Gun Violence

19. Fight For a Comprehensive Immigration Plan

20. Fight For Reproductive Rights

21. End the Drug Wars

22. End Class Warfare Against Poor and Middle Class

23. Eliminate Endless Wars

24. Transportation Major Plan

25. End Homelessness

26. Re-Establish and Defend Net Neutrality

27. Integrate and Develop Global Terrestrial Possessions


28. Re-Establish and Strengthen Anti-Trust Laws


29. Strengthen Privacy and End Mass Surveillance


30. End Money Worship and Reset the Culture


People Deserve Better!
Together We Can Build a Better World!